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About Us

Be Bolder. Be Kinder. Be Wilder.

Be Wilder is a small woman-owned business located in Chicago, IL (where all our orders will ship from.)

We are passionate about taking the time to tell others we care. We believe the best way to do this is by taking time to write handwritten notes.

We also believe that shopping from local artists and small shops from underrepresented groups (including minorities, LGBTQIA+, women-owned, disabled, etc) is important for the future of society. Studies have also shown that consumers want to spend their money on brands and companies that align with their values. 

"Reimagined consumers will abandon brands that don’t support their new values—and pay more to those that do." ~Accenture



Social Impact

Social impact is the reason that we exist. We fully believe that companies can be profitable while still remaining true to their ethics and values. This means treating employees like humans, delivering excellent customer service, and maintaining good relationships with suppliers, vendors, and partners.

We take the time to vet our suppliers and give priority to organizations that are socially driven. Many of the suppliers we've chosen have already created their own social giving programs. 

We will be selecting a new charitable organization quarterly to donate at least 10% of our profits to. These organizations will align with our values. 

Our first charitable organization will be Mental Health America. During the pandemic, we've learned from MHA that:

  • More than a half a million people that were screened showed signs of anxiety in 2020
  • 79% of those screened were experiencing moderate to severe anxiety
  • The number of people screened who had signs of depression increased dramatically
  • More than 2,500 people a day indicated symptoms of depression.
  • Nearly 85% of those screened – about 800,000 people – had moderate to severe depression.

To take it a step further, among those screened and showed moderate or severe mental health conditions, 71% attributed those concerns to loneliness or isolation. This is the reason we believe that random notes, gifts, or cards can truly make a difference right now. Even if these cards or notes aren't bought from us, we strongly encourage you to take the time to tell the people in your life you care. 



Our Site

We created all imagery, wrote the copy, and designed the site through Shopify.

Tools/Resources Used:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Envato Elements (stock images, fonts, templates)
  • Shopify paid template - District 



Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns at: