be wilder is a women-owned business located in chicago, Illinois. be wilder was started out of the desire to be more intentional of how we spend our money as consumers. we know that COVID has changed how many people choose to spend their money and that many of us desire to know our dollars are making a difference in the world. 

as a store, we're committed to sourcing vendors and brands who share our values of social responsibility and equity. we believe that every product we offer should contribute to making the world a better place. we specifically feature products that can't be found on Amazon, are handmade/small batch, eco-friendly, and are minority-owned. most are also woman-owned and are from small businesses.

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our goal is to be better citizens of the world and create the world we want to see. each day, we work harder to make sure that the impact we make will have lasting changes and put an end to systemic inequalities that exist in modern society. while we can't promise perfection (we’re human after all), ur commitment is to work hard every day to ensure that every vendor we partner with is aligned with our personal values and are dedicated to social good and sustainability.

we recognize that you have a variety of shops you can patron, so we appreciate you browsing our shop. by spending your money with us, you’re supporting our mission to create a more equitable world. 

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from a cheeky gift to an empathetic greeting card, we got what you need to make sure your pal knows how much you care.

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